Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ciao! Come Stai?

So I haven't titled anything in Italian yet, so I hope you guys liked that little bit of Italian. I figured I might as well blog a bit before I leave for VENICE this weekend. Also I received a lot of messages on Facebook today but I was kicked rigth off of the internet and can only sign onto blogger... so this is where I can answer you guys. Um yeah I mean its cool here in Siena and everything and its so cool just so go in and out of languages a lot, but it can get pretty old. I would KILL for a Diet Coke, not coke lite, a DIET COKE! Man, it's a total addiction. Um Siena is mainly covered in Gothic Architecture with a bit of Renissance, but mostly Gothic. You can tell when you look at the frames of doors and if it has a pointed arc then its usually Gothic (I hope that was right? Conor? Was that right?) Anyway its about 45 out everyday and usually gets to 65 mid-afternoon when its not raining. Speaking of rain I need to buy some rain boots for Venice... we'll see if I can find any. Oh and the question about the Italian guys, um there aren't that man hott ones yet. I mean at least not in Siena, but there are enough CREEPY ones!!! I feel like I'll find more in Florence... its a bigger city and probably younger. Well I'm gonna leave it at that because I have a museum tour at 6 and then dinner with the entire group. Oh right I forgot to tell you guys. We were on the news today. For really no reason at all. We're like the only American Students in Siena right now so they wanted to ask us stuff about Barack... idk why haha. But it was pretty sweet! Ok, So time to peace out. I'll talk to you guys later.

A Domani!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes a pointed arch is a textbook example of the Gothic Style. The cathedral in Sienna is unique because the Italians supposedly despised the Gothic style and perfered the Romanesque style (rounded arches). Anyway bonus points points for architectural knowledge. Miss you!

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