Sunday, February 1, 2009

They say it's your birthday!?

Oh Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... Happy Birthday, me! So today I woke up with a bit of a headache, results from the festivities last night, and a gorgeous view of Florence. It's my third day here and I already have a pretty good idea of the area. Yesterday we did some serious birthday celebrating. My friend Alicia has the exact same birthday as I do and since it was a saturday... haha. So this is what we did, AIFS (my organization) forced us to wake up super early for a pointless meeting about finding your way around florence and also introduced us to this "psychologist" who explain to us that sometimes we might "get sad" and "homesick" and may need to talk to someone about it. OMG NO WAY! I HAD NO IDEA! SHE IS SUCH A GENIUS PSYCHOLOGIST! haha soooo u know. Then after that we decided to go get some food because we were starving, hung over, and so tired. We ended up walking by a SUSHI place! So being american and totally Olive-oiled out we decided to fill up on raw fish. This place was so cool too. It was one of those sushi restaurants where there is like a little conveyor belt of sushi moving throughout the room and you just pick what you want. mmm so delicious. Ahh so good I can still taste that awesome miso soup mmmmmmm. Ok so to get past the boring details we then had to go to the school to get our meal vouchers and stuff and since Alicia and I both wanted to do some birthday shopping we walked to like the ponte vecchio bridge area and there is like CRAZY amounts of stores there. It's like off the Vecchio and to the left, which i think is Via Santo Spirito. We both wanted outfits for the night so we, embarrassingly, went to H&M. BUT this was one of those rare massive European H&Ms. You know, the ones where everyone buys their euro-trash outfits? Yeah, one of those. But I did end up buying a shirt, a dress, leggings, and some jewelry. Then after that we went to this big department store which is a lot like bloomingdales but only with European brands. Anyway I ended up getting a pea coat. It's SOOOOOO cute! I love it! I think there are some pics of it on facebook so check it out. So then after that I headed back to my place and took a nap to get ready for the rockin night. So that night we went to this mexican food restaurant and got these AMAZING margaritas! They were unbelievable. We also met these italian guys who were taking these flaming shots haha. Soooo they bought us some lol. They were Kahlua and tequila... it was sooo weird. But also hilarious, and don't forget free! haha um after the mexican restaurant we went to this irish pub called Lions. It was awesome and packed and we got so many different kinds of drinks. omg. So many drinks so much fun. Oh and one of my roommates recognized some guys from her school in America who were also study abroad (small world!) So we went to my friend Alicia and Christina's place to play kings and just chill out with free drinks. It was so much fun! Then the clock rolls around to 3:30 AM and we called a cab to take us back to our place. And that is pretty much how we made it back. Um and for today we're getting dinner, some birthday cake, and maybe some spumante. haha. K time to go. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!