Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I leave in TWO DAYS!

First post. Awesome. So I leave in two days, which is weird because I am SO not ready and I don't even feel like I'll be gone for five months. It will be weird. Dayton already started the second semester today which is weird and I've been receiving calls from all of my friends today... it's so strange. So on the 7th this is how my schedule is looking, I leave around 3 from the Pittsburgh airport to the Dulles airport and then around 6 or so I take off to London for a.... 7 HOUR FLIGHT. Jesus, I hope I have the patience to watch Space Jam a few times considering its the only movie on my I-pod. It's cool though, I'm gonna try to make myself sleep because I'll be in London 6 Am their time, so that will be pretty rough. Finally when I land in Heathrow I'll be meeting up with people from AIFS and catch a ride with them to Richmond. Then we have orientation for like 2 or 3 hours and after that free time to roam LONDON! The best part! hahaha. I hope someone will want to wander with me rather than sleep, but we'll see how it goes haha. It's weird that it's so soon.

I forgot that this was going to be my semi-professional blog for internship applications. Oh well, I think informal shows my personality... so they can deal hahahaha