Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obamarama... or lack there of

So the time I decide to live in Italy is the same time I miss the most historic moment in our country's history... oh yeah not to mention the fact that the Steelers are in the Superbowl ON MY BIRTHDAY! Oh well... I guess I'll just brush it off. Nothing too eventful today. Had class all day today, oh and we went to the dollar store during our break and found all of these notebooks that said all of these weird broken english things. Like one said "We are the best friends everywhere. Everywhere are." It was hilarious. I think I'm gonna pick some up as a joke tomorrow. But yeah I am so surprised that no one around here is excited for this new leader of the free world. Oh well, i mean I guess it really doesn't concern them too intensely, but still... its just weird. But after that I went and bought some shampoo (nothing too special just italian garnier fructiesse [sp?]). But i have noticed that my Italian is getting much much better. All we did in class today was try to figure out how to say "that's what she said" but the phrasing is a little too strange to translate literally so i think we're going to ask our teacher... on the last day of class haha.
I know I keep saying this, but I still miss home, not homesick. I just miss my friends and family. I wish they were all here with me, or if they could come and visit me. I just miss the people who get me. I mean my friends here are pretty cool, but they don't understand me yet. Wow that sounds like an obnoxious teenager, but its true. Its just hard to break in new friends. Idk I wish it was just easy. We're all also getting super stir crazy in Siena. Its so small and there's pretty much nothing to do here. But they keep telling us that there will be so much to do in Florence and that we'll probably be culture shocked again. great... thats my favorite part. NOT! Geeze these stupid lights keep flickering on and off in the lobby. So obnoxious! Sorry, just a little stressed out here.
Hopefully tomorrow will be more eventful. But tonight will be fun. We bought three bottles of Spumante for 4 people to celebrate for President Obama! Maybe I can convince everyone to get Pizza to go from Due Porte. We'll see.