Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lie in our graves - Dave Matthews Band

So what has passed already? Oh, Saint Patrick's Day haha that was a blast. Although I didn't go to ireland I still had an amazing time with... canadians haha. Oh well it was fun. Anyway Laura and Lisa come in on Saturday! YAY! It's gonna be so fun! After Becky and My escapade to Ikea they better respect these beds we bought them haha. Jk it was a good time trying to get to Ikea so whatever. Peri and Tom left today for Barcelona. Those poor people their plans just completely fell through yesterday and they were scrounging for tickets to get there... and i think they found a way which is good. Oh tonight we are going to Loonees to meet up with those soccer guys we met last week. So that will be fun, they were super nice guys and apparently their band is pretty good so I am excited for that. About an hour ago Christina and I were laying on the Ponte Trinita bridge it was fun! We did Italian homework... listened to music... almost fell in the Arno... good times haha. Ok my wrist is starting to hurt haha we'll chat some more later
Pace e amore

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Roll to me - Del Amitri

So I decided to just name the next few posts whatever song I am listening to at the time. I think that this one should be an apology for not blogging ever. So in the words of the great Dwight Schrute "I state my regret." I actually just got a little annoyed over it. This is just a blog guys, so whatever is on my mind is what I am going to talk about.
So I don't remember where I left off so we'll begin where I am now
I am currently living in Florence, Italy
it is fantastic
My Italian has really picked up it's pace and I am now holding full conversations with pretty much anyone. I have a group of Italian friends. They're pretty cool. Well my main friend is Marco, and then in another group there's Damiano. They're so fun! We're hanging out again tomorrow it will be fun! wow. its 2 Am. um tomorrow i promise I will wake up and blog for a while because I want to procrastinate on this paper. But just for a reference I am alive and living more than well in Florence.

pace e amo,